EPA, Greens play a hazy “sue and settle” game

One of the most successful Sue and Settle strategies cited in a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study “… has been on an issue few in Washington or around the nation are paying attention to: regional haze requirements under the Clean Air Act.” The Chamber study's author, William Yeatman, concluded that: “… no state is immune from having its rightful Regional Haze authority trampled by EPA at profound costs for virtually nonexistent benefits.”

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FrackNation: Must See Movie!

My favorite parts of the movie were the extensive sections featuring the landowners who lease their land for frac’ing -– who are portrayed in Gasland and Promised Land as unwitting dupes of evil industrialists. But these landowners knew far, far more about both frac’ing and water than the pseudo-documentarians who infantalize them.

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Playing give and take with coal

If coal is good for the Navajo Nation, the Crow Tribe, and other Native Americans, then it should be okay for the rest of us. Coal warms our homes and provides good jobs and does not need billion-dollar subsidies just to try to break even.

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Many “Green” policies trample on people, environment, science and ethics

One would think these paradigm shifts would alter environmentalist thinking and government programs designed to replace “disappearing” oil and gas with wind, solar and biofuel energy. But hell hath no fury like an environmentalist scorned. Any attempt to revise laws, regulations or subsidies is met with derision, outrage, expanded rules and funding, and new allegations, grievances and justifications.

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Common sense in CA as voters keep San Francisco reservoir

California's best water, along with cheap, clean, renewable hydro power will continue to flow to San Francisco from the Hetch Hechy reservoir. San Francisco voters defeated the measure 77 to 23. Greens see things differently when it's THEIR lifestyle scheduled to be diminished.

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Green civil war in San Francisco over Hetch Hetchy

The Greens are at each other's throats over San Francisco Proposition F which would fund the preparation work to drain and dismantle the Hetch Hetchy reservoir. Dynamite the dam and give the valley back to the fish and animals, or keep one of the nation's finest supplies of naturally pure water flowing to the city while generating low cost renewable electricity to boot? What's a Green to do?

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Western wildfires — horrific, devastating — and fueled by foolishness

Millions of Americans watched their evening news in horrified fascination. The Colorado Springs wildfire had doubled in size overnight, to 24 square miles – half the size of San Francisco – as 50-mph gusts carried fiery branches from exploding treetops across fire breaks, down Waldo Canyon and into fresh stands of drought-dried timber.

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Act now to save the bald eagle!

Submit your comment to the federal register to save our national bird Bald eagles are our national bird. Golden eagles are just as majestic. They have just returned from the verge of extinction, after years of being shot and poisoned. Obama's Department of the Interior and the Fish & Wildlife Service are on the verge of granting industrial wind turbine companies a “programmatic” or blanket license to kill potentially hundreds of eagles every year, for years on end. This is unconscionable. You can help save the eagles by following the instructions below. The Fish & Wildlife Service has proposed a "rule" [...]

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