Colorado canyon latest Obama “monument” land grab

Once again, a President has designated land for national monuments without the advice and consent of Congress -- an action unchecked during the Bush years after President Clinton's highly controversial designation of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in Utah. These land grabs may sound noble, but whenever federal officials replace state and local land managers, they tend to create problems for continuing use of the land and even surrounding areas. This is particularly true of Brown's Canyon in Colorado, says the Colorado Cattlemen's Association.

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Opposition mounts to Obama’s proposed Pacific Monument expansion

Pacific Islanders incredulous. WATCH NOW "What country do we live in? With the stroke of a pen President Obama will close an area the size of the Gulf of Mexico... There are no coral reefs in the deep blue" and the fish there are highly migratory. "Does the President and his advisers understand what highly migratory means?"

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