• Outdated sewage treatment systems set to cause a stink

    Without a doubt, one of the more pressing environmental challenges deals with the issue of sewage treatment. This is because, as noted by the National Center for Policy Analysis, sewage systems in some 770 cities are outdated, with many having been built more than a century ago. Thus to meet new clean water standards, many […]

  • Life goes on without cars in German suburb

    What would life be like without cars? Well for residents of Vauban, Germany, living without cars is a reality – as the town has now become a showcase for the latest utopian vision of suburban planners. In Vauban, there is no more parallel parking or squeezing your car into a garage bursting with lawn equipment […]

  • Use energy, get rich and save the planet

    When the first Earth Day took place in 1970, environmentalists believed that the key to solving many of the pressing problems with air and water pollution was to limit economic activity and the living standards of people everywhere. They even had a formula for this taught in colleges, I=PAT, or environmental impact equals population times […]

  • Study shows coral reefs resistant to warming

    Could a warming of the ocean lead to the destruction of our world’s coral reefs? Well such is the assertion of global warming advocates, but according to the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide, such contentions regarding coral are pitted with many small holes. Among them is a recent study in India, where researchers […]

  • Should car ads carry climate health warnings?

    You’ve heard of warning labels on things like beer and cigarettes, but how about automobiles? Well believe it or not, a British Parliament member, Collin Challen, recently proposed placing warning labels on cars to inform consumers of their impact on, you guessed it, global warming. According to the UK Guardian, such warnings might include highlighting […]

  • Humpback Chub swims back strong

    Once populous throughout the Colorado River and Grand Canyon, a fish known as the humpback chub began declining in numbers throughout the 1990’s. But now, after 13 years of restoration activity, it appears efforts to save the fish are no longer swimming upstream. This, according to Environment and Energy’s Land Letter, which reports that experimental […]

  • Poop power

    You’ve heard of electricity produced by coal, natural gas and even wind, but how about chicken poop? Well as strange as that may sound, a company in North Carolina called Fibrowatt plans to build three power plants that run on such droppings from our egg-laying friends. But not everyone is clucking with excitement about the […]

  • Global warming forecasts clouded by clouds

    The journal Science recently published a study that says warming temperatures will create fewer clouds – and fewer clouds means more global warming. But Dr. Roy spencer, a former NASA climatologist, says the study is dead wrong, and here explains why: “We believe that the Dessler study confuses cause and effect. For example when the […]

  • Bin Laden adorns a global warming robe

    In the twisted mind of Osama bin Laden, the United States and Israel are typically pointed out as the main causes of world ills. But would you believe the master terrorist now has a new villain to add to that list? Yes, believe it or not, bin Laden recently weighed in on the global warming […]

  • Biotech fuels new diesel breakthrough

    Bacteria in your water is not usually considered a good thing – unless, well, you happen to be a scientist trying to develop a new way to create diesel gas. This happens to be the case for scientists in California, which according to the New York Times, recently discovered a way to genetically alter a […]

  • Fungus and beetles threaten key pine species

    Few trees are of greater ecological importance to the American northwest than the whitebark pine.  Its hardy branches and nutritionally dense seeds provide food and shelter for a host of animals including grizzlies, nutcrackers and red squirrels.  And it’s for this reason conservationists have become alarmed by its declining presence in which 90 percent of […]

  • New Climate Depot report lists over 1,000 dissenting scientists

    A new report issued by CFACT’s says more than one thousand scientists now disagree with the theory of man-made global warming. Marc Morano, founder and editor of this popular news and information site, explains: “More than 1,000 scientists from around the globe have now challenged the man-made global warming claims of Al Gore and […]

  • Mafia goes green

    Since the days of Lucky Luciano and Al Capone, the mafia has been synonymous with organized crime.  But while many tend to associate the notorious outfit with sundry activities like drug trafficking and gambling, it might surprise them to learn the new mafia is going green.  Yes, believe it or not, when the country of […]

  • Climate propaganda comes to bright lights of Broadway

    You already get loads of global warming propaganda from TV and movies, so why not from a new play under the bright lights of Broadway?  Well that’s what’s about to happen, now that the National Science Foundation has given a 3-year, $700,000 grant to a New York theater company for an upcoming play called “The […]

  • The California experience with green jobs

    Just how realistic is the notion of green jobs?  Well according to Stephen Moore in the American Spectator, you needn’t look any further than California, which was first in the nation in renewable energy standards, has the most stringent cap and trade system to reduce carbon emissions, and has poured hundreds of millions of tax […]

  • Lord Christopher Monckton on U.N. negotiations

    After the UN Climate Conference in Cancun last month, many commentators said nothing was decided. But Lord Christopher Monckton, former advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who attended the meeting, disagrees with this assessment and has this to say: “The decisions made at the Cancun Climate Conference signal the abdication of the West. Western countries, […]

  • New study questions decline of predatory fish

    Are people gobbling up the ocean’s biggest predatory fish?  Well that concept has been popular for more than a decade, with claims that humans are eating up the ocean’s big fish, and then moving to smaller marine species further down the food chain. But according to an article on, new research at the University […]

  • Wikileaks reveals diplomatic misbehavior on climate change

    Most people have heard about how the Wikileaks release of confidential emails harmed US diplomacy. But did you know these emails also revealed sordid and embarrassing US activities related to global warming politics? According to the UK Guardian, the Obama State Department tried to dig up dirt on nations opposed to its climate change position, […]

  • Congressman Simpson defends fishermen against EPA

    Is the EPA justified in attempting to ban lead fishing products such as sinkers? Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson doesn’t believe so, and has this to say: “There is simply no data to support a ban on traditional fishing tackle and no reason for the EPA to restrict people’s ability to take advantage of the great […]

  • CA greenhouse policy no savings to motorists

    Recently, the California Air Resources Board issued a report saying the state’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be a boon to consumers. The reason is that by requiring a higher fuel efficiency standard in cars, the board maintains consumers will save more at the pump. But according to an analysis of this study […]