• Interview with Lord Monckton on emissions reductions

    President Barack Obama’s Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, recently declared that legally limiting carbon dioxide emissions would greatly reduce global warming.  But would it really?  Well not according to Lord Christopher Monckton, a former adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who has recently been  touring the U.S. taking issue with many of the claims of […]

  • Converting circuit boards to motor fuel

    Environmental officials have long been concerned about what to do with old, discarded computers, especially since their circuit boards often contain heavy metals and other high-level pollutants.  But according to an article in Science Daily, some researchers from Romania and Turkey have developed a process that subjects old computers to high temperatures, catalysts and chemical […]

  • Taxpayer dollars fuel global warming hype

    Could vast sums of government money being doled out for global warming research actually influence the science surrounding this issue?  Well that’s the assertion of a new report by the Science and Policy Insitute, whose lead author, Joanne Nova, has this to say: “Our research revealed the U.S. government has spent over $79 billion since […]

  • Sea Cow numbers mosey back into greener pastures

    Slow moving, non-aggressive, and generally curious creatures, the manatee is an animal that has attracted public curiosity for decades.  And while many of the 1,500 pound animals had been killed in the past for their meat and through boating accidents, things are beginning to look up for this aptly named sea cow.  According to Environment […]

  • Skinnier people to solve global warming?

      Want to hear the latest answer to concerns about global warming?  Well how about a skinnier world population!  That’s right, an article in England’s Lancet journal says that since overweight people require more fuel for food and transport, obesity is an overlooked cause of man-made climate change.  The authors say that by 2015, there […]

  • Getting the dirt out with new detergent-free technology

    For many trying to do laundry, figuring out how much detergent to put with what colors can be a difficult chore.  But if a new technology at the Australian National University is soon unveiled, getting the ring out may be a whole lot easier.  This is because the researchers have developed a cleaning process that […]

  • Infrared brightens prospects for solar

    While the idea of getting electricity from the sun holds bright promise for many, one of the great challenges has been coming up with a low-cost, lightweight solar cell made of plastic that could absorb both visible and infrared rays.  With current polymers only capturing visible light, they convert only 6 percent of the sun’s […]

  • The Galapagos Islands adrift in peril

      Home to giant sea tortoises, marine iguanas, and flamingoes, the Galapagos Islands are one the most unique ecosystems on  planet Earth.  Sadly, however, recent trends are making efforts to conserve this natural treasure a difficult challenge.  This according to the Environmental News Network, which reports how wildlife experts are becoming worried about how Equador, […]

  • New process converts algae into biofuel

      You’ve heard about how soybeans and corn can be used to make fuel for our cars, but how about algae?  Well believe it or not, this oft overlooked sea plant may be an answer to the puzzling question of how to create enough biofuel to run our cars without creating food shortages from using […]

  • Political Correctness strikes again at major university

    Is the University of Wisconsin discriminating against conservative groups on its campus?  Well that is the assertion of Bill Gilles of the Collegians For A Constructive Tomorrow whose 700 member campus group was recently denied eligibility to receive student funding and has subsequently filed a lawsuit against the university.  Comments Gilles: “Our organization, which is […]

  • Polish beavers arraigned for illegal logging

    As any environmentalist will surely tell you, trees are a precious resource. So you can imagine the horror when some activists in Poland discovered a neatly stacked pile of freshly cut logs in the woods, an action they considered a wanton destruction of nature.  Their dismay, in fact, led them to call the police and […]

  • Linking cap and trade with health care

    Could current cap and trade legislation, designed to addresses global warming, actually impact the ability of Americans to afford health insurance?  Well according to David Ridenour of the National Center for Public Policy Research, the answer is yes, and he has this to say: “Our analysis reveals that for every one percentage point increase in […]

  • Concerns about ‘peak oil’ a waste of energy

    Every few years, it seems like some environmental prognosticator warns that we will soon run out of oil.  But according to an article in the New York Times by Michael Lynch, concerns about so-called “peak oil” are a few quarts short of a full dipstick.  He notes that the estimated size of new oil fields […]

  • Improving environment and economy

    There’s often the perception that more globalization and free trade will mean more pollution and more exploited workers.  But according to a fascinating article by Pete Geddes of the Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment, removing trade barriers is actually the quickest way to both boost living standards, and improve environmental quality.  In […]

  • Rubber sidewalks give the bounce to concrete

    Have you ever been annoyed by, or maybe even tripped over, cracked uneven sidewalks caused by tree roots gone wild?  Now instead of destroying the trees responsible for the damage, rubber sidewalks are saving them by slowing the growth of their roots.  According to, rubber sidewalks are now being walked on in nearly one […]

  • Al Gore: Climate billionaire?

    While much has been made of those who have a financial stake in defeating cap and trade global warming policy, little attention has been focused on those who stand to profit if this energy tax is passed into law.  But Canada’s National Post did take a look at one noteworthy person, Al Gore, and found […]

  • E coli research spawns new fuel prospect

    When you think of E coli, you probably think of a deadly bacteria that can cause sickness.  But if some researchers at UCLA have their way, E coli might soon be used to power everything from automobiles to airplanes.  According to the Environmental News Network, scientists at UCLA have created a strain of E coli […]

  • Media bias on climate change

      Is the public receiving a balanced perspective on the issue of global warming?  Well according to a recent study produced by the Business and Media Institute, the answer is a resounding “No” – as their study revealed the major networks granted little coverage to scientists who are skeptical of human induced climate change.  Comments […]

  • It’s a bird, a plane, a … ladybug?

    What can you do to stop a bunch of soft-bodied, leaf eating bugs that are munching their way through your bushes and shrubs?  While one answer might be to treat them to some chemical pesticides, another might be to call in a winged crusader to save the day – namely a ladybug.  Yes, believe it […]