Transparency critical to getting science, regulations right

CFACT science and policy advisor H. Sterling Burnett of the Heartland Institute reports that the EPA (and other federal agencies) skew the real cost-benefit numbers in promoting massive regulations. One example: While the Obama Clean Power Plan might have saved 21,000 lives (as the EPA claimed), the rules would also also resulted in from 102,500 to 164,000 early deaths. The HONEST Act hopes to correct these discrepancies.

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Life in fossil-fuel-free utopia

CFACT Senior Policy Analyst Paul Driessen explains how life without fossil fuels will not be the utopian adventure that advocates for banning them claim. For starters, there would be no more wind turbines or solar arrays because fossil fuels are needed to construct, transport, and install them. Worse, the rest of the world will laugh as we turn backwards to the dark ages.

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Pretend “conservatives” for not so clean energy

According to CFACT Senior Policy Analyst Paul Driessen, a modern billionaires' club of left-wing radicals is funding fake conservative groups to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars to try to shift public support away from fossil fuels and nuclear energy to wind and solar -- all the while their companies are receiving hundreds of millions in subsidies from the federal government for their inferior energy products. Had these billionaires actually cared about the poor, they could have used that money to stimulate economies and create jobs that would put food on tables across the U.S. and around the world.

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GIGO-based energy and climate policies

Yety another new "study" promises global disasters of biblical proportions if the U.S. does not unilaterally stop using fossil fuels (and indeed, must subsidize fossil fuels in India and China). But CFACT Senior Policy Advisor Paul Driessen exposes the buffoonery of the so-called Expert Market report - the latest in a long series of computer-driven fake reports that are crafted solely with the intent to frighten people into submission and never matching predictions with actual recorded data.

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