Bell: Use fracking to subdue Russia

The best weapon against Putin’s aggression in the Ukraine and elsewhere lies right beneath our noses and feet. Unleashing America’s abundant oil and natural gas resources can not only greatly disempower Russia’s stranglehold threats against Europe and other allies, but can also strengthen our ties with those countries while providing energy independence, economic benefits, and jobs to increase strength at home. Although major expansion of U.S. oil and gas exports to energy-thirsty Europe cannot be achieved overnight, commitments to do so can have immediate leveraging effects around the world. With oil and gas accounting for more than half of Russia’s federal [...]

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Crony carbonism deal breaking apart?

It’s way past time to recognize that UNFCCC’s cap-and-trade, loss and damage compensation and other global wealth redistribution agendas have little or nothing to do with actually preventing a climate crisis, much less offering any benefits. Despite rising atmospheric CO2 levels, global temperatures have not only been flat for going on two decades, but are predicted by leading scientists to cool over many future years or decades to come.

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