Green energy wave coming in Colorado?

The good news is that the fracking-killing Proposition 112 did not pass, but the bad news is that it got 43% of the votes, which in political terms is a lot. Let-wing politicians see this near victory as a mandate for change. The ugly news is that the new Governor is a radical green and the Democrats now control both houses in the legislature. This likely adds up to a green energy wave coming in Colorado.

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America is an increasingly minor CO2 emitter

The United States and Western democracies as a whole are increasingly minor players among global carbon dioxide emitters, U.S. EPA data show. Without dramatic emissions reductions in China, India, and other developing nations, dramatic reductions in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan will have little impact on global carbon dioxide emissions. According to EPA data (, the United States, Western Europe, and Japan account for a cumulative 28% of global carbon dioxide emissions. China alone accounts for 30%, India accounts for 7%, and the rest of the world cumulatively accounts for 35%. The share of global emissions from the United [...]

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Keystone advances

The Keystone XL pipeline has passed every environmental and economic test, yet has been thwarted time and again. Barack Obama became Keystone's obstructor in chief. CFACT's Paul Driessen explains at The Hill that Keystone just took a giant step forward.

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