Pruitt’s EPA ends “sue and settle” gravy train sham

CFACT policy analyst Larry Bell reports that President Trump's EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has dealt a death blow to the scurrilous practice of the EPA colluding with interest groups to alter public policy through staged litigation that denies opponents of their punitive schemes no opportunity for their own day in court.

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New EPA head a welcome political climate change

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, President-Elect Trump's pick to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is being painted by fearful leftists as a monster, a creature who will destroy the planet. The fact is he is much more interested in reversing the unconstitutional power grabs that the EPA has accomplished that are hurting the American people financially, reducing human freedom, and doing little to really protect the environment.

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The EPA invites secret green activist lawsuits

As reported by CFACT advisor Larry Bell, federal agencies and environmentalist organizations have for decades been colluding to impose requirements on businesses, communities, and individuals who will have had zero knowledge or input into these onerous rules backed with the force of law that they are sorely affected by. This is wrong -- and yet the public will have to speak up loudly or this racketeering-style rulemaking behavior wil continue unabated.

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EPA ban on wood stoves is freezing out rural America

The EPA may as well have declared war on rural America, given the inflexibility of its new rules that heavily restrict the use and purchae of wood stoves. Fellow Greens are also imposing bans and restrictions on fireplaces that burn wood -- even in rural areas. Much of this dirty work is the result of "Sue and Settle" lawsuits, in which friendly Green groups sue the EPA over some technical point in the law knowing full well that a deal has already been struck for the EPA to settle the lawsuity and be thus "forced" to impose heavy burdens on the American people -- who have not had their day in court to defend their longstanding practices. Star Chamber or Kangaroo Court -- take your pick.

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