Time to laugh away the shale gas scare

Energy prices are high, economies are reeling and people need relief -- Along comes the shale gas revolution at just the right time. 'What's that,' asks the radicals? 'Plentiful, safe, affordable, domestically produced energy? Can't have that. If there are no valid reasons to say no to shale, we'll have to get creative.' The anti-energy propaganda machine is geared up and running at full speed.

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The climate camel – going nowhere, uncomfortably

A camel, as Winston Churchill used to say, is an animal designed by committee. The climate scare, like a camel, is an animal designed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Meanwhile, back at the Doha conference center, the climate camels were lumbering uncomfortably in all directions and getting nowhere.

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BBC abandoned balanced climate reporting after meeting with these 28 campaigners

In 2006 the BBC abandoned impartial reporting on climate after meeting with 28 "best scientific experts" who the BBC refused to identify. The internet revealed the names, who turned out to be mainly the usual climate campaigners with no one in the room to offer the opposing view. Double scandal for the BBC as four BBC officials, including General Director George Entwistle, who attended the 2006 meeting, have just been disciplined or resigned for false accusations against a Thatcher-era Tory leader.

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You Win Again

by Einar Du Rietz The most famous bet in the environmental debate is probably the one between the Late Julian Simon and alarmist Paul Erlich in 1980, over predicted shortage in natural resources. As much as the story still amuses me, it also serves as a constant reminder of the optimism we all deserve more of. In this proud tradition, the no less proud Dr David Whitehouse, found himself in a global warming bet,staged by the BBC. Reports Whitehouse:  "...eventually the BBC’s radio programme “More or Less” got in touch. The programme is about numbers and statistics and they set up a series [...]

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Friendly Smokers Hit back

by Einar Du Rietz Don’t you agree? On the anti smoking issue, that is. On the one hand, people in general are just giving up, resigning in the face of oppression and harassment. On the other, some – maybe an increasing amount of people – are beginning to feel that enough is enough. Some even dare to say so in public. Let me be one of them, enouraged by a – today non smoking – brother in arms. Dr Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance has made a bold effort to reintroduce science into the debate, otherwise carried out [...]

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The Continent Isolated

by Einar Du Rietz Climate predictions, weather forcasts and a decent overcoat is what makes the world go round. Here comes the new ice age. Writes the Daily Express: "BRITAIN is set to suffer a mini ice age that could last for decades and bring with it a series of bitterly cold winters. And it could all begin within weeks as experts said last night that the mercury may soon plunge below the record -20C endured last year. Scientists say the anticipated cold blast will be due to the return of a disruptive weather pattern called La Nina. Latest evidence shows [...]

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£1.2 million to not produce wind power

The Daily Telegraph Reports that a Norwegian wind company was paid £1.2 million to not produce electricity during a period of high winds. This was a hair shy of 10 times the artificially above market rate wind farms receive to make power. British ratepayers will fit the bill.

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London Olympics drops carbon offsets

When London submitted its bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games, it sweetened its offer with a promise "to purchase emission reduction credits and to invest directly in clean energy projects in the developing world to offset ... emissions." Harsh reality has sounded a wake up call for Londoners and the prospect of shipping millions of pounds overseas to finance projects with no connection to the Olympics (that will have no meaningful impact on our climate) no longer seems so sporting.

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