Uganda: Data Plus Internet Cafe

The Data Plus Cafe is one of several projects CFACT is supporting in Uganda. The owner, Joseph Ndawula, is a young man with an entrepreneurial spirit who has proven faithful in the operation of his business and the use and repayment of CFACT’s grant funds.

DataPlusCustomersJoseph’s internet cafe was already well-established when he submitted his grant application requesting capital to invest in additional computers due to heavy demand from customers. CFACT approved his grant in late summer 2013, allowing Joseph to nearly double the number of computers available for his customers.

The next stage of grant fund disbursement will provide solar panels, which will allow his business to continue uninterrupted during blackouts caused by Uganda’s unreliable electric grid.

CFACT’s entrepreneurial grants contain repayment, similar to a business loan. Joseph is currently making payments back to CFACT, which will allow us to reinvest in other Adopt-A-Village projects.

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