Kampala: Brickmaker Alex Mugisha

Alex Mugisha’s brickmaking business is one of several projects CFACT is supporting in Uganda. As in America, bricks are used in Uganda principally as a construction material for building homes, offices and other such dwellings. Unlike in America, however, bricks in this African nation are often handmade by local entrepreneurs who resourcefully use their craftsmanship in lieu of expensive machinery they cannot afford.

Alex Mugisha from Kampala, Uganda, with his bricks.

Alex Mugisha from Kampala, Uganda, with his bricks.

One such person is Alex Mugisha, who for the past couple of years has worked with two of his friends to start a small business on the outskirts of Kampala. With help from CFACT, Alex plans to fire some 10,000 bricks and use the proceeds to expand his operations and hire more people.

By supporting local entrepreneurs such as Mugisha, CFACT aims to promote progress and prosperity in developing countries.

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