CFACT is proud to offer its German translation of Alex A. Avery’s The Truth About Organic Foods

Two years ago, the the most talked about book on organic foods in over a decade was issued in English – now, with the support of CFACT Europe, it is available to the 100 Million or so German speaking consumers: Alex Avery’s The Truth About Organic Foods.

If you wonder if organic foods are worth their high price, if the marketing claims of organic advocates are true, or if the organic foods are really more nutritious, safer, and better for the environment – this book will answer these and many other questions on organic or “biological” food.

However, “The Truth About Organic Foods” is not polemic, but a science-based book written for the average consumer that gets past the endless marketing hype. In plain, non-technical language, Avery strips bare organic myths.

Instead of platitudes and promises, Avery gives you the facts – from independent university studies and neutral government sources. He even quotes extensively from organic activists, revealing in their own words the substance of their claims that the benefits of organic farming outweigh those of conventional farming.

German title:
Alex Avery: Die Wahrheit über Bio-Lebensmittel.
Dt. Erstauflage. Aus dem Amerikanischen.
ISBN 978-3-940431-01-1. Jena 2008. 256 S. 24,50 Euro (D, A).

Order direct from CFACT Europe’s publishing partner: [email protected]