Dalai Lama

Ends Inconvenient Friendship With Tibet

By Einar Du Rietz, Copenhagen

Maybe these guys are serious about the Copenhagen treaty after all. Wednesday evening it became clear that Denmark has reversed its policy on China and Tibet by abruptly recognizing Chinese sovereignty over Tibet. Denmark promised to act with “caution” in future contacts with the Dalai Lama, the exiled leader of Tibet. This is clearly an effort to bribe the Chinese into some sort of climate treaty. According to China’s People’s Daily, a diplomatic note agrees that “Denmark recognizes China’s sovereignty over Tibet and accordingly opposes the independence of Tibet.”

The Danish going solo has been irritating to other European countries. After all, they don’t hold the EU Presidency. Chances are however that the Danish population won’t be too happy either. The Lama has met with Danish Prime Ministers and government officials repeatedly over a long time, most recently he met with Prime Minister Rasmussen in May 2009.

Though business has worried about the small trade war with China that ensued after the meetings, the timing can hardly mean anything other than that Rasmussen kicked his official friend in the teeth to save his own face during the ongoing Copenhagen Climate Chaos.

The UN was founded to safeguard nations and human rights against aggression. It is casting aside its first principles. As Denmark and the UN abandon Tibet to advance a treaty that is all pain no gain, we wonder, have democracies and a world organization ever abandoned a peaceful world leader before?

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