When I was writing these lines I received a piece of news that an US senate committee had to postpone a debate on Global Warming because of an icy snow storm over the US East coast . However, this weather capriole only confirms what more and more people think. They do no longer believe in man-made global warming. “We are witnessing the Berlin Wall moment in the global warming regime. The statist cabal that has ruled the climate debate since the UN IPCC’s inception in 1988 is now tumbling down before our eyes. The so-called ‘gold-standard’ of scientific review turns out to be counterfeit.” This is the conclusion of our friend Marc Morano from the “Climategate”, “Glaciergate”, “Amazongate” and so on scandals that caused the rapid decline of the scientific reputation and credibility of the Nobel prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and its chairman Rajendra Pachauri.

“AGW is the biggest and most far-reaching scientific scandal in history, whose tentacles spread into almost every aspect of our lives, from how we dispose of our trash and how we light up our homes, to how we travel and how we are taxed and regulated.” This is chief blogger James Delingpole’s conclusion from the series of science frauds that he had outlined. In opposition to leading members of the IPCC who are now claiming Pachauri’s demission in order to save what is remaining from climate policy after the Copenhagen fiasco James Delingpole ironically asks him to stay.

We know from chemicals policy: If scientific disputes become political issues, the main danger is not biasing the researcher’s answers but their questions. So I prefer to ask: Do we really need an intergovernmental scientific advisory council like IPCC? Would the Global Warming issue even exist without the IPCC? Are there really global problems that need to be resolved by global governance? I think that there is no affirmative answer to these questions. For it becomes now day by day more evident that climate change is natural and cannot be stopped by humans. There is no alternative to adaptation by local and regional initiatives because a “world climate” does not exist and has never existed, instead there are many regional and local climates. That is why central planning (like global carbon rationing) is absolutely counterproductive. Last but not least we do not need scientific advice on global questions when politics remain focussed on local and regional issues.