by Einar Du Rietz

Greenpeace International has now issued a statementsaying that they do not support the earlier demand by their UK chief that IPCC Chair, Dr Pachauri resigns. And besides, their executive director UK John Sauven was probably misunderstood by the Times. And in spite of the record cold winter, it’s hard to find snow in Vancouver.

Well well, when the going gets tough, unite behind the guy up front. At lease for a while.

Greenpeace also includes a rather well written list of all the “gates” recently, complete with an etymological and historic explanation. For some reason, the false claims about the polar beers, which their colleague organization WWF International already has refuted, or the mysterious “Hockey Stick” that whas removed from earlier IPCC reports, but somehow crept back in with the last report before Copenhagen, are not listed.

The most important issue is not if the IPCC report is a giant fraud. It’s not. And it’s not a conspiracy. All scientific predictions, and sometimes observations, can turn out to be at least partly wrong. It’s the essence of the scientific process. And virtually all attempted conspiracies, beyond a surprise party, tend to fail in the end. Life, and human interaction is simply too complicated.

The important question is why all these revelations – except from the initial Climate Gate – did surface after the Copenhagen summit. And why did the IPCC researchers accept to reintroduce the Hockey Stick, which they knew was wrong?

A likely explanation is that (though still no conspiracy here) the stakes were so high, the expectations and built-up hysteria before Copenhagen so immense, that among all the stakeholders, from IPCC to all fractions of the green lobby, no one dared – or could be heard – to point out that maybe the emperor was naked. This is not an unusual phenomena and most often, when later all the cards are on the table, the only thing left to do before it’s business as usual again, is to pick a scapegoat or two and send him to the wolves.

This is just a theory and I’m a bit surprised that Dr Pachauri has not yet resigned. However, if you have observed this peculiar world of power play for a while, which I admit to having done, you learn to recognize the footprints of the lamb on its way to be sacrificed.