Bonn, Germany – Lord Christopher Monckton, recently dubbed a “famous contrarian” in Esquire Magazine, said in Bonn today, “The world’s governing class has not understood what the world’s working people have understood: that global warming caused by man is not happening and is not going to happen.”

 Lord Monckton said, “The tactics of U.N. bureaucrats are dismally predictable.  They want to reach agreement here in Bonn that will lead to a binding climate treaty whose real purpose would be to stamp out freedom and destroy democracy throughout the world.  Nobody here in Bonn seriously imagines that this or any treaty brokered by a UN, which is still reeling from blows to its credibility from the Climategate scandal and revelations of errors in its reports, will ever make any difference to the climate that could be measured even by the most sensitive of instruments.”

 Lord Monckton said, “The tactics of the global warming profiteers are clear.  They are desperate to cajole, bully or bribe the UN’s member states into agreeing a treaty within weeks, because they know that the November midterm elections in the United States will return a Congress unfriendly to the notion that government of the people, by the people, and for the people should perish from the earth in the specious name of saving the planet from man-made effect on the climate that are negligible at worst.” 

 Lord Monckton added that even if the warming effect of the carbon dioxide that our industries emit was as bad as the UN and its fellow travelers pretended to be, trying to control global temperature by international treaty would be as spectacularly futile as the failed attempt of King Canute to command the sea not to rise. 

 “The United Nations”, Lord Monckton said, “is now in a panic born of desperation.  They are terrified, and rightly so, of the United States Constitution, which protects not only citizens of that great nation, but also the rest of the world from the plans of the global ruling class to bring liberty, democracy, and prosperity forever to an end.”

 The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, a UN accredited NGO whose delegation to the UN Conference in Bonn Lord Monckton is leading, has long campaigned for a more scientifically-based, reasoned understanding of environmental issues in today’s public debate.  At the conference, it will be hosting a trailblazing seminar in the German Environment Ministry on the use of the internet to provide ordinary people with fact and opinions that have received scant attention by much of the mainstream media.


CFACT will sponsor a briefing and discussion with Lord Monckton, Prof. Luedecke and others at the Ministry of the Environment in Bonn at 19:45 in room Wind on Friday April 9.  Press delegates and everyone accredited to attend the Bonn Climate talks are invited to participate.