Bonn, Germany

They are at it again, as Lord Monckton puts it. Well, so is CFACT. Strategically positioned in the middle of the action at the new UNFCCC climate talks in Bonn.

It certainly is more quiet than in Copenhagen. Officially, it’s a preparatory, informal meeting, before Mexico. Unofficially, it’s a matter of gathering strength after the Copenhagen fiasco. Both these versions are correct. No heads of state or government. Yet. No violent hooligans either. Yet. Only the usual side groups, telling us to become vegetarians and tax all sorts of behaviorr.

CFACT Europe, together with CFACT International, has a strong delegation with, among others, Lord Monckton and famous German author Dr. Edgar Gärtner. To help raise the spirits all around, CFACT is distributing all sorts of positive information, including free carbon credits to absolve the delegates from any guilt they might feel from using an airplane or a car to get here.

Stay tuned!