by Einar Du Rietz, Bonn

Last day of the climate conference in Bonn, a most interesting city that we unfortunately never had the time to study more closely, due to the – as usual – busy program. Bonn, the city of Beethoven and a symbol both for peaceful German recovery after WWII and the European university traditions. Today, all but remnants of the hastily build government administration are gone, together with the embassies, though the sometimes magnificent residences still remain along the Rhine.

How lovely then to stumble across an invitation to come back! The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, sponsored by everything from the European and especially German taxpayers to DHL is inviting everyone to an international conference 21-23 June, here in Bonn, on “Climate change and the media”.

I humbly accept your invitation. The topic “How to make Oscar-winning movies on climate change”, interests me in particular. Let me also give you an offer in return! CFACT will gladly help with both material and lecturers, on all of the listed topics. I just spoke to one of our fabulous experts and lecturers, Lord Monckton, who readily accepted to address, for example, the seminar “How to professionally deal with climate scepticism”.

To reply to this offer, please leave a comment below, or use the contact information to CFACT listed on the site.

Looking forward to seeing you again in Bonn!