Another major daily breaks from climate change orthodoxy

The Daily Telegraph editorializes today that CRU scientists got off too “lightly” in the review of their role in the Climategate scandal.  Like Der Spiegel before it, the Telegraph is rediscovering that every debate has two sides.  The voices of the climate realists are penetrating the climate fog at last.  The Telegraph reminds its readers that on climate, “there is another view, for which evidence can also be adduced, even if it seems to conflict with the received wisdom. The findings of the Oxburgh inquiry are not an excuse for again closing down the climate-change debate to the exclusion of those who take a sceptical attitude to what is arguably the most important issue facing the world.”

Polls show people turning their backs on climate propaganda.  The prospect of fair media treatment causes a shiver of fear down the necks of warming campaigners.  Their jeopardy is real.  Sunlight is a good disinfectant.