Proper Precautions

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by Einar Du Rietz

“Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups”, my former colleague, the environmental affairs director, liked to quote his favourite actor Steven Seagal as saying. It could be read as an argument for the precautionary principle of course, but it could also be interpreted as an argument for precaution against political action. There’s an important difference here. If I choose, or choose not, to sniff the milk before I pour it into my coffee, I’m the only one affected if my calculation is wrong. If I choose to change the lifestyles and even livelihood for all my fellow men, it’s better have some more solid argument than speculation.

“Climatology is not (yet) a science”, writes Serge Galam in a recent article (French, published in Agefi Magazine and distributed by Institut Économique Molinari), and warns that the self proclaimed climatologists of today, in the end – consciously or not – are driving the world towards totalitarianism.

Climatology, according to Galam, “is not a proven science”, but an “ad hoc aggregation of disciplines ranging from astronomy to glaciology”. And essentially built on assumptions. “A bit of modesty from the climatologists would be very welcome”.

Stephen Hawkin recently concluded that it’s more than likely that there are other intelligent civilizations in the universe. Hawkin is seldom wrong, and honestly, it’s would be hard to argue against this theory. It’s furthermore quite impossible to argue against the occurrence of dramatic changes in the climate in the future. Eventually, the sun will retire. We are most likely facing at least one new ice age. Temperatures and seasons will vary. What we don’t know is if the aliens will be friendly (Hawking says they would most likely be hostile) or what would trigger a visit. And we can’t scientifically determine that man has any impact on the climate. Or, for that matter, if those space ships will arrive before the final sunset.

As the climate alarmists have suffered such severe setbacks recently, maybe it’s time for an other alarm. Will the next international conference about introducing a global, military draft to be prepared for ET? Please don’t take this as a suggestion!