by Einar Du Rietz, Bonn

CFACT display, Bonn climate conference

The game is not over yet, but the climate talks in Bonn are. For the time being. Another session is already scheduled for August, and it might very well be that the free-lunchers will squeeze yet another in, during the buildup of expectations before Cancun. After the enormous debacle before, during and after Copenhagen, it seems unlikely that the general public hysteria could be regenerated. You can’t fool all the people all the time, but remember that you can still fool some.

The general observations among the CFACT team were mainly twofold. There was, in a way, a greater respect and understanding towards our climate realist work. Even some serious interest, especially from the delegates among whom, it would be impossible that not at least some have started to seriously doubt that all this was such a brilliant idea from the start.

On the other hand, hostility seems to have grown among the more militant alarmist NGO’s. CFACT even had the table cleared by a militant lady one night, a most mysterious lady, who then even showed up the next day and said that we had no right to be there, as we were “deniers”, and that she had destroyed the stuff. For some reason however, possibly the fact that one person on our team immediately called for security, she refused the polite discussion she was offered, and took off. When yours truly walked after her, she approached a police and accused me of stalking her. Pursuing the offender, might have been a better word,and that’s what the apparently partly amused officer thought too.

Apart from having all that fun, there is however bunch of gibberish to read, in the usual UN way. It is quite clear that the leaders have become more competent since Copenhagen, and absolutely set on working out a binding treaty this year. Details are hard to find, but developing countries are seriously starting to ask when they will get the money they were promised. The world government ambitions are not gone, just polished a bit.

As fun as you can have here, it can get rather scary at times, when you consider the implications of the politicians going berserk once again and with more skill than last time.

Until then, enjoy the World Cup Soccer games, kicking off tonight. It’s a fair game. And Fun!