Cancel Cancun

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by Einar Du Rietz

…or maybe don’t.

As fun as you can have, in the company of all sorts of people, there  is something depressing over these climate conferences. Delegates looking serious while spending other people’s money on down-right dangerous schemes, young people, who ought to be either in school, or out partying, or protesting the real injustices in this world, standing outside telling the lunch-eaters to spend more. Often financed by government. The police working overtime, and those fringe groups who travel around the world just in order to pick a fight with the former. A sort of holiday, I presume, like inter-railing or camping. Most of these elements, both in Copenhagen and at the recent G8/G20 summit, would probably go to the international congress of scrapbookers, if it meant they could get into trouble – and media – along the way.

In Cancun, the drug war is dragging on, with recent victims in the shootings. The hurricane season has just started, and will probably end right in time for the summit. If the so called world leaders decide, which is most likely, to both turn up and to help spread climate hysteria during the months to come, this will – just as in Copenhagen – make life really difficult for the local population.

But maybe that is just as well. Far from wishing anyone any harm, I am somehow looking forward to the next debacle. On a side note, one of the key players, the European Union, got their new presidency today. It’s Belgium, and Belgium currently has no government, since the recent elections.

I keep telling myself, it’ll be fun. At least to see the naked emperor walking down the streets of Cancun.