Everything You Do – I Can Do Worse

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Einar Du Rietz takes a look at one of the world’s ongoing election campaigns

Sweden: Tomorrow, Sunday, it’s time for general election in my country of birth. Though I somehow feel that the simultaneous process in Kabul would be more important, it’s hard not to follow the debate. If it is a debate.

Customary televised exchange between the leading players singles out the most crucial issues, and the auction starts, on education, taxes, employment. The usual. And the usual nonsense. 


And then it comes, the Climate!

Government: (carefully avoiding using the word Copenhagen) – We have spent and will spend 300 millions, what do you intend to do?

Opposition: We intend to spend 400 million. The government obviously doesn’t take this crucial issue seriously.

Government: – Oh yes we do. We are building windmills to the moon.

Opposition: – We will build more windmills than you will.

Something is seriously wrong here, not just with my rather free summary of this strange exchange.

Facts are:

Even if you believe in climate change being caused by human CO2-emissions, this particular country is 97% “climate neutral”, as the wording goes (human breathing not included). The reason is the relative enormity – given the country’s size – of water power, and of use of nuclear energy. The car park and the airlines are just getting more and more efficient.

At the same time, the partly state owned energy company expropriates land in other countries for coal mines and burning. Both sides now somehow agree that maybe this villain of a company, at least partly should be sold of.

But who is supposed to pay these 300 or 400 millions? And for what purpose? Until I get a solid answer, my voting card will remain in a safe place. And that’s not the voting booth.