Let the Auction Begin

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by Einar Du Rietz

The – most likely – last preparatory conference before Cancun kicks off today in China. The fact that the debate has changed quite substantially during the past year, that the IPCC’s credibility is at an all time low, that more and more scientists have started questioning the validity of the entire Man Made Global Warming theory, and that no warming has been detected during the last decade, does not bother the delegates. What bothers most of them, and especially the big whig politicians, is to avoid creating the same fiasco all over again. Consequently, everyone is talking about trying to find the common denominator between all countries. Interesting. What was the strategy last time? Trying to maximise conflict?

What will be interesting to see, is what political bribes will be distributed under the table this time. In Copenhagen, the Danes, desperate to fulfil their mission as hosts, during the meeting broke of with Dalai Lama, to appease the Chinese.  Will the Mexicans round up the usual suspects in the drug cartels, or increase control over the northern border, to make the US happy? And what will the Chinese do, in order to make sure everyone is happy with their common denominators? May I humbly suggest releasing some dissidents and improving civil liberties.