Expectations Low for Cancun after Chinese Failure

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by Einar Du Rietz

Better bring to the next climate conference

According to reports from the recent preparatory climate conference in China, the so called world leaders – most eager to show off in Copenhagen a year ago – are trying to avoid even showing up for the conference in Cancun, instead commissioning their ministers for environment to take the embarrassment.

One enlightning report comes from Louise Gray, in the Daily Telegraph. Writes Gray; “There are fears that Cancun may not even meet the drastically low expectations of its participants, and that the UN-wide process of negotiation could be abandoned in favour of thrashing out an agreement in a smaller group such as the G8.”

Apparently, but not surprisingly, the problem for the professional conference tourists are the same as always, that the big players can’t agree. Add to this the more recent complaints from the developing countries, that they are still to see the money promised a year ago. and maybe the fact that the Chinese administration suffered immense humiliation during the past week over the Nobel Peace Prize. Gray Again:

“Barack Obama, US president, has failed to bring in any broad legislation to limit greenhouse gases, while the Chinese are uncomfortable about having their own emissions measured. The talks in China ended in mistrust, with both sides accusing the other of failing to make clear promises to cut carbon.”

There is little doubt in my mind that the machinery will continue after December, and probably somehow put together either an extended or amended Kyoto protocol before 2012, or patch something together in G8. Still turning the blind eye to the developing science and the change in public opinion. But the balloon of hysteria has certainly burst.

But now, it’s not science anymore. It’s all about politics.