By Einar Du Rietz

After our recent posting here about Al Gore’s travelling habits, the interest has indeed been intense. How wonderful!

Mr Gore – later than we had guessed – has now spoken, or has been spoken for by a spokesperson.

“According to Gore’s office, Gore did not idle his car at the event; he did not come to Sweden from Oslo; he flew commercial to Sweden, not on a “government aircraft”; and he was in Sweden to speak on “sustainable capitalism,” not the environment.”

This is either a misunderstanding or a deliberate attempt to cause confusion. As we are, quite bluntly, accused of lying, it feels a bit urgent to clarify.

Our article reported two different events. The most recent one being his lecture in Gothenburg. This is reported, complete with picture here. As Mr Gore apparently refused to answer any questions at the event, it feels odd that he now is sending out an assistant to make a denial.

That Gore used the governmental aircraft after the 2007 Nobel Prize ceremony is confirmed by the Swedish Foreign Ministry and has earlier been reported here (translation on request or using automatic translation).

Our post is accurate.  The bottom line is this:  Al Gore continues to arrogantly refuse to make himself available to journalistic inquiry.  Mr. Gore continues to make travel and lifestyle choices that reveal his belief that making do with less is for you and me, but not for him.