Remember Remember – Last November

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by Einar Du Rietz

How can we ever forget the Climate-gate scandal that erupted right in time for the Copenhagen debacle. Or fail to note that, interestingly enough, some of the more stunning revelations – Holland-gate etc – were made just after the conference.

Now, during the count down for Cancun, it’s worth the effort to try to recall the events of  the past year, and what Climate-gate was really about. My admirable colleague, Professor Ingemar Nordin recently posted a reminderon the Climatescam site. Definitely worth reading. Nordin tracks back to some of the more peculiar early mail conversations revealed.

– Few have read the email from 2005 where Phil Jones writes John Christy, “The scientific group would no doubt come down on me if I had said that the world has cooled since 1998. OK, it has it but there are just seven years of data and it is not statistically significant “. Or where he concludes “As you know, I am not political. If anything, I hope that climate change occurs so that science will prove to be right, regardless of consequences.This is not to be political, just to be selfish. “

Comments not necessary. The Climatrescam site also provides weather forcasts for Cancun. Looks sunny.