When I was a kid, we were told that pollution was the worst threat to the world. This pollution was also supposed to be caused by greedy capitalists. The absolute environmental catastrophes behind the iron curtain were yet to be witnessed.

And all resources would end. According to the figures I was taught in school during the 70’s, it would be impossible to write this. Or do anything else today.

Then came the ozone layer. Anyone heard about that lately?

And then the climate scare.

The latter has probably been one of the most damaging political projects so far, and not even the backlash with Climategate, Copenhagen or Cancun seem to have any real sobering effect on politicians and activists. Instead they just gather their money and start preparing for the next conference.

But this industry is huge, so it’s good to have something to fall back on. At least one alternative is now being established. Reports euractiv:

“The establishment of a new UN body to advise governments on how to tackle biodiversity loss and protect ecosystem services was given the final go-ahead in December, paving the way for a global debate on new green taxes, biodiversity credits and the building of ecosystem businesses.”

The host country status is still up for grabs. Let the dog fight begin.