CFACT’s Marc Morano, editor of Climate Depot, appeared on Fox News with Neil Cavuto to discuss congressional Democrat’s fight for biodegradable forks, knives, and spoons in the congressional cafeteria.

Under Nancy Pelosi’s “Green the Capitol” initiative, the flatwear in the Capitol’s cafeteria was replaced with biodegradable utensils made from corn starch. They soon proved impractical, actually melting in hot soup and too flimsy to even eat a salad. Bipartisan complaints rolled in from all quarters.

Now that the House is under GOP control, the “green” forks are history, and useful utensils are back in diners’ hands. Some members of Congress, however, see this sensible solution as a direct attack on the environment and human health. One hundred Democrats have let House Speaker John Boehner know as much in a complaint letter.

One has to wonder whether any of them actually eat in the congressional cafeteria.