by Einar Du Rietz

It’s old news, but hey, that’s history for you.

A new booktakes a look at both the history of the cold war and the environmental movement. And especially environmental impact from both. You may not agree with everything, but sometimes it’s important to remember how absurd the world really was in those days.

The major part of Europe put in ruins, by all sides, during WWII. The rebuilding of Germany, well, West Germany, and the continous lunacy in Stalinist Russia.

The Soviet rapid industrialization put aside any environmental concern. Not to mention safety.

The worst lunacy, probably, potentially dangerous for all of the world, the reverse of the floods, was halted. If that project really had been carried out, you could possibly talk of real man made climate change.

Wars and famine are the worst environmental problems. Though the so called West were not always the nicest chaps. that’s nothing compared to the – partly deliberate (Ukraine), partly unavoidable – starvation in – Yes – The Evil Empire.

At the same time, the Green movement went around cursing, guess who?