by Einar Du Rietz

The Mobility Week is on again. The sort of expansion of the Green Week/In Town Without my Car Week, sponsored by the EU and participating cities, in other words tax money to make life harder for people.

This has been a yearly event for ten years now, making lives more difficult.

I don’t mind any of the suggested alternatives to cars. I walk. I bike. I use public transportation.

What I don’t like is people walking into me, crazy bikers or waiting for public transportation for an hour.

And I tend to care for those who can’t do any of this. This morning, I once again met my neighbour. I simply can’t resist being impressed by the way she gets out of her wheelchair, gets it into the vehicle and drives off. Once, she asked me for help. Normally, never.

I’d like to meet the cop who will tell her – or the ambulance driver for that matter – that she should take the bus.