Happy New Constructive Year

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Dear Friends of CFACT Europe,

thank you for following us. The attention around both our site and other activities has indeed grown over the past years. The only regret is that there has not been time to answer all comments properly. Let me take the opportunity however, to compliment on the Durban Poem, submitted by one of our friends.

At the same time, it’s worth noticing that the hysteria in the climate debate has decreased simultaneusly. Remember December of Copenhagen. What remains now is basically the fancy, regular meetings and the fuzz over quite too much tax money for the delegates to play with.

But environmental – and political – problems remain. Pollution, starvation and misery prevail, wherever common decency and private property is replaced by reshuffling of tax money, expropriation and hasty legislation.

CFACT Europe remains devoted to sound science and decency, not only in the climate debate. During the year, we have been represented at joyful events, such as the Annual Liberty Ball in Brussels, and more solemn occasions such as the the funeral of the late Dr Otto von Habsburg, in Vienna.

In the year to come, you might excpect some chanches and improvements to the web site. This is a work in progress, but if anyone of you run a blog or web site related to our task, please link to us and get in contact for cross linking.

Happy New Year


Holger Thuss, Executive Director, CFACT Europe


Einar Du Rietz, Associate Editor, CFACT Europe