by Einar Du Rietz

Please Stay There Dear Friend

One of the major news of the week has, strangely, been that we are subject to a solar storm. Beautiful to watch the following weather phenomena, but not dangerous, as it’s not strong enough to penetrate the atmosphere. Good so, but an enlightening reminder that the planet’s best friend – and worst enemy – is the sun. Eventually it will blow, or fade out. Predictions, not to mention possible precautions, are difficult, at least today. Maybe not in 3000 years time.

However, in a way insignifant alarms like this, serve as a constant reminder, that indeed we cannot control the climate. There’s a more powerful – and unpredictable – force out there. And it’s name is not carbon dioxide.

After studying these news, however, eyes are immediately drawn to the proposed “Weather Law” in South Africa. Only the governmental weather bureau will be permitted to issue reports and warnings. Consequently, a friendly warning from a fellow sailor – or a neighbour, would be prosecuted.

At least the Durban COP 17 conference would have been banned.