The Hockey Season Is Not Over

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by Einar Du Rietz

The Most Recent Results of the Poll

Opinion polls in general, and instant polls on the Internet in specific, ought to be handled with a fair dose of doubt. On top, just the fact that a bunch of people say this or that, does not mean they are right.

But I cant resist giving you this account (from there is a translation function on the site, but at the moment it seems to be down).

Mr Peter Stilbs draws our attention to an attempt by Don Mickulecky, to restore the father of the Hockey Stick, Michael Manns reputation.

Though the poll is just web based, it’s rather astonishing.

Sorry, Dr Mann, it’s nothing personal. Just news worth sharing. Take some comfort in the real Hockey season, going on right now.  Though it looks rather frightening, it fun to watch occasionally. And those are real hockey sticks.