by Einar Du Rietz

A bit confused. As every year. Rather used to working and traveling across time zones, but the daylight saving time switch somehow doesn’t really get along with my head. At least no heart attack, though they are reported to be more frequent in connection to the switch. And all the farmers, and their cattle, sigh once again.

Sincerely hope too, that niehter I, nor anyone else, will be injured during the upcoming, annual Earth Day, but that might be too much to hope for. The stupidity is on again. I write about it every year, apparently to no avail, as it’s still on.

No one, at least no one serious about it, even among the enthusiasts claim that cutting all lights for one hour, would do anything to save energy, or the climate. At best it could disrupt the electricity flow and cause more severe power failures. If that is the goal.

It’s symbolic, it’s claimed. I certainly agree. If anything, it serves as a reminder of how important electricity and energy is. Not just to the hospitals, that hopefully wont participate this year either, or the traffic lights, also, hopefully not out, but for most of our daily lives. Returning to candles, or to the era before the tamed fire, is not really a desirable option.

We’ll see how many accidents there will be this year. Luckily the counter movement Life Hour, (available on Facebook), seems to be gaining some momentum. Lighten up!