Ask me about a Doom Sayer or Dr Killjoy, and I’ll direct you to Greenpeace.

First, the problem was that the poles were melting (they are not, in any lasting way) and that the polar beers faced extinction (the population is increasing). Then, the prospect of drilling for gas and oil in the Arctics, possible partly because of technological innovation, and partly by some more accessible areas, became the problem.

For the green activists (if I used a more proper word, I guess they would sue me), fidning targets seems to be the overall priority.

Greenpeace is trying to kick out prospectors from the area. Some are advocating applying a similar UN protection, to the one on Antarctica. There are lots of differences here. One of them being people living there. Antarctica is penguins and scientists, both admirable if different ways. The arctics is about indigenous populations in need of all sorts of energy and prosperity.

Drilling, regardless of which company (and I might add that I’m totally against expropriation, regardless of cause), could be a blessing for the people, and the countries there.

So please tread carefully as Green tourists, and please be gentle to the polar beers.

I’m OK