It was on the evening news. And then in the morning papers. The Arctic ices were melting with unprecedented speed.

Turns out it was Greenland and not very unprecedented.

“’Ice cores from Summit show that melting events of this type occur about once every 150 years on average. With the last one happening in 1889, this event is right on time,’says Lora Koenig, a Goddard glaciologist and a member of the research team analyzing the satellite data.” As quoted here.

Could be added that Greenland is, albeit a large part, not the entire arctic region.

Climate indeed changes, and typically in a cyclical manor. Greenland apparently is hit on a 150 years basis, more global changes tend to have a 500 year span, at least in modern times. Greenland is Danish territory, so I guess the Danes now remember their loss five hundred years ago, when enemy troops could walk across the ice and change the map of Europe.

Today, Greenland is great for research and all forms of arctic exploration, and also a crucial landing point for refueling of smaller aircraft. I would not recommend trying to cross the ice to go there, but the good news is the melting apparently stopped and the ice started growing, only days after the alarm.