Small Scale Sunny News

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Sun power, large-scale, will not be viable as a major energy source for a long time, especially not in industrialized countries, and certainly not in huge, governmental projects.

The technology remains fascinating though, and the sun will remain not only the master of our climate, but also a true never-ending resource, as long as humanity is along.

Small scale experiments and applications are becoming increasingly interesting, especially in developing countries, and thanks to innovative entrepreneurs.

A recent, successful innovation is a solar (rechargeable) lamp, invented by young entrepreneurs, and becoming a success in the sunny, albeit extremely poor parts of Africa. The price is now down to less than a hundred Euro, and the developers hope that increasing volumes can brink it down further.

The benefits are multifold. In areas where electricity is scarce and often only available in the nearest town, one day of sunlight is sufficient for recharging the battery for more than one night. The previous alternative was kerosene lamps, being not only relatively expensive, but also rather dangerous. An additional benefit is that the lamp also can be used to recharge cell phones, probably also laptops.