The division of power in the EU system apparently works sometimes. Today we are expecting a decision by the Council to, if not  to trash it all together, at least partly stall the money shuffling for vague climate reasons.

Good so.

Reports Euractiv:

“The FSF was intended to kickstart a global Green Climate Fund that will eventually generate $100 billion (€78.9 billion) a year in climate aid, but has been beset by squabbles over seats, sources of funding, methods of payment, and beneficiaries.

But the draft economic minister’s council (Ecofin) conclusions say only that the EU will “continue to provide climate finance support after 2012”, without providing details of any 2013-2019 package.”

In the midst of an acute Eurocrisis, there seems to be some mechanisms left to halt the worst spending.

Some focus could instead be directed towards the science, but apparently this is still all about money.

And prestige.

The disappointment among the Green NGO’s in Brussels is now not about not saving the world, it’s about the EU not taking the lead, being the big spenders at the Doha Conference. Spending other people’s money.

Reminds me of the Copenhagen chaos, when all reporters based their articles on what governmental jets flew in and out. All of the world leaders, at least their staffs, knew that a binding treaty was out of the question, as Obama did not have the blessing from his Senate, but hey, some photo ops.

And people got hurt. And costly lawsuits followed. And no one was happy.

No Global warming for 16 years, and certainly no Man Made. If we can’t just call it a day, could we at least just take a break. Please let the scientific discussion go on, but please no more grand standing in Doha.

A couple of days ago, I bumped into a neighbour, who’s chief of staff for the Ministry for environment. He was not going to Doha, because he had to handle things back home, but said that the Minister, and the Trade Minister, and probably the Prime Minister, were going.

Send in the Clowns!





  • Einar Du Rietz is a journalist and communications consultant based in Europe. He has authored several environmental reports for the Electrolux Group and written many blogs for the Center for the New Europe at CNE Environment.