2012 was an awful lot of work for CFACT.  It seemed like we went everywhere, worked flat out and hardly took a breather.  Our research was thorough, our spokesmen drove the radicals to distraction, our Collegians kept expanding and it seemed like Climate Depot’s Marc Morano lived on television.  We aired our 5,000th Just the Facts radio broadcasts.  We educated, we innovated we reported, we adopted villages, we gathered scientists and scholars and we took the battle to distant shores.    When we found closed minds we innovated and even entertained.  We put masks on UN delegates to “capture” their CO2.  Last year we dropped a British Lord from a plane.  This year he flew from a camel.

After all, we’re CFACT!  We’ll do anything to share our message of better lives for people and a sparkling clean environment – through freedom.

Here is a sampling of some our great CFACT moments from 2012:

Green cristo redentor CFACT Rio

Christ turns green at UN’s Rio Earth Summit

 CFACT’s report and photo of Rio’s Cristo Redentor, colored green by the Greens, gets picked up by Drudge and National Review and then goes everywhere.  MORE



Climate Depot report: Extreme weather 2012

Yes, there would be extreme weather, whether you drove a car or not.

Marc Morano released a special report in time for COP18 which thoroughly debunked “extreme weather” climate propaganda.

Share this one with anyone looking to beat the hype with facts.  MORE

Extreme weather report cover CFACT angle



Rio+20 sand art “The future we dread”

CFACT found a cute way to deliver a tough message to the Rio earth summit.  Complete with music and dancing!



Monckton of Arabia 2 CFACT

Monckton of Arabia

This was CFACT President David Rothbard’s favorite post of 2012.

A Qatari business man presented Chrisopher with a fine local garment for him to wear to the UN’s COP18 climate conference in Doha Qatar.  CFACT (naturally) had to mount him on a camel.  This one’s a must read —  His lordship can truly turn a phrase, not to mention nearly fly.  MORE

CFACT Climate camels in Doha stop climate hype


The lavish life of the Greens

ICLEI World Congress, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

CFACT enjoyed a glass or three of champagne with a gaggle of government workers and Green campaigners gathered to reign in our lifestyles.   Watch our future masters live it up — complete with fashion models!  MORE


Collegians U Minnesota table


CFACT Collegians teach, train and expand


CFACT collegians with professor fred singerCFACT’s busy Collegians network conducted lectures, trained activists and recruited tomorrows future leaders on the radicals home base — the college campus.  MORE





JTF radio logo


Just the Facts turns 5,000!


Radio Mic

CFACT’s daily radio broadcast, Just the Facts went over the 5,000 mark.  CFACT has been on the air for over two decades on stations from coast to coast.  CFACT matured with the industry, evolving from cassettes, through CDs and on to satellite and the web.  Let’s take a listen!



Marc Morano becomes television’s voice of climate realism

Climate Depot's Marc Morano

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano

Marc Morano, editor in chief of CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service, was here, there and everywhere debunking climate propaganda on tv, radio, in print and online.  Marc even debated Michael (hockey schtick) Mann on the BBC and Bill Nye the Science Guy on CNN.  It seems as if not many days go buy without spotting Marc on the tube.

The radicals have noticed and are not happy.  They’ve taken to calling Marc “The Godfather,” equating him with Hitler, (See Godwin’s law), compiling video homages and giving him awards, Stay tuned in 2013 and watch the Leftists and Greens suffer a full bloom of Marc Morano derangement syndrome.

Morano the Godfather wide




CFACT scholars research and report


CFACT’s tank full of thinkers were particularly prodigious in 2012.  Readers continually express their thanks for research and updates on issues they don’t find elsewhere.  CFACT is proud to feature articles from such fine scholars as Paul Driessen (pictured above), Bonner Cohen, Dennis Avery, Larry Bell, Alan Caruba, Kelvin Kemm, Lord Christopher Monckton, Marc Morano, Duggan Flanakin, President David Rothard, Executive Director Craig Rucker our hard-working staff and more.



Rucker’s Rio+20 showdown with Sir Richard Branson


Words flew as Executive Director Craig Rucker and Sir Richard Branson found themselves together as Greenpeace’s Rio+20 press conference finished and CFACT’s began and Craig snapped, “Sir, do you support the European carbon tax on your own planes going from the United States to Europe?”  Apparently Branson is not used to being anything but fawned over.  MORE




Realist scientists gather in Munich


As the UN gathered in Qatar, climate realist scientists and policy experts gathered in Munich.  CFACT’s ally EIKE put on a first class conference complete with a full house, leading experts, simultaneous translations and a special presentation from CFACT.  Minds are opening in Europe.  If they can open there, they can open anywhere.  MORE




Save the bald eagle!


CFACT submitted detailed research to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service on the impact of wind turbines on eagles and invited our friends and readers to join the fight.  MORE




Rio+20 sustainability propaganda exposed

When the Greens and the Left get together and let their hair down their imagery tells a lot about who (and how dangerous) they truly are.  CFACT showcased a rogues gallery of Rio+20 propaganda imagery.  MORE



Obama and Jackston at EPA 2


We took on Obama and the EPA


President Obama’s EPA has continually expanded its power to regulate the American economy in ways Congress never envisioned.  CFACT researched, reported and took action.  MORE


Wind Turbine Crosshairs


And alternative energy boondoggles,  too



Crony capitalism.  Ratepayer nightmares.  Raids on the treasury.  Entrenched inefficiency.  CFACT tackled all that and MORE.


Shale gas propaganda montage


Stood for our energy future and debunked the scares


You’d think, safe, low cost, abundant energy would be greeted with open arms from everyone…. Think again.  Natural gas even emits less CO2 than other fuels (if you buy into that sort of thing) and nuclear has a proven track record as safe and clean.  So with no evidence to back them, why do some seek to thwart America’s energy future?  MORE



Shroompocalypse Now c


We survived the Mayans and debunked an apocalypse or two


Why does mankind veer from one false apocalypse to the next?  End of the world scares make a perfect opening for a con man.  Just ask a carbon trader, or even a mushroom man…. MORE



While delivering a Senator’s words to the UN

More than once!  MORE


COP 18 papersmart services


And took you behind the scenes


Earth Savers


We played a few pranks

And found the climate emperors had no clothes

(Nice job Christina!)



As 2012 counts down

CFACT stands ready for what lies ahead



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