Many consider wind power to be among the most environmentally friendly forms of generating electricity. So it might surprise them to learn that growing numbers of wind farm projects are being opposed precisely because of their detrimental environmental impact – particularly on our feathered friends. No where is this opposition more intense than in California, where the recent deaths of at least six golden eagles has sparked the first ever lawsuit against a wind farm project for its violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty. Conservationists claim that efforts to meet Los Angeles’ 35 percent renewable energy goal is likely increasing the bird death count – and thus say wind farm construction must be discontinued.

Editor’s Note: We are aware, as some have pointed out in the comments, that the bird in the video is a California Condor, not an eagle. This Just the Facts show was originally broadcast on the radio and of course did not have the video at that time. When posting it here, we added the video as a general example of a wind turbine striking a bird, an occurrence which is rarely captured on video. We did not mean to imply that the bird in the video was a golden eagle. Also, please note that we did not take the video, so we cannot say for sure what happened to the bird afterward. We have been provided information, however, that indicates the condor in this particular case was in fact rescued and treated for a broken wing.


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.