UN delegate knows it’s warming, because it’s colder: Watch now!


About the Author: CFACT Ed

  • vlad

    dear god ! where do they find these morons ?

    • chuck_in_st_paul

      just go scan the Yahoo! News (sic) blogs, you’ll find ’em by the carload

  • brossen99
  • rongkirby

    No comment.

  • craigers61

    UN stands for Unintellegent Nutcases.

    • PrairieDoggedRez

      ~ Uneducated Nerds

  • White House Land lord

    Could there be a better reason to get rid of the UN?

  • Jim Brown

    Demunist; GOPer; it no matter. All in for Climate Change…as we stay on hurtling train down the track to our own self destruction and the potentate elitists ruin what’s left of the world.

    • Bob Young

      What the heck are you ranting about?

      • craigers61

        Probably caused by Gov pot provided to lobotomize the young.

  • Bob Young

    She was even stupid enough to repeat her initial ignorant remark.

  • Trevor Bock

    Quite sad that people can be so ignorant and brain washed.

  • Trevor Bock

    Public money at work. We funded her to go to this and say this!!! Angry that my taxes are being wasted like this.

  • kjenkinsaf

    Delegate from the Cook Islands? Dear God let’s hope she doesn’t vote.

    • HowsTheHope

      Sure she does. It’s not like you need to be a citizen or anything.
      Hell, she probably votes 4, 5, 6 times.

      • kjenkinsaf

        As they say on the street…”trudat”. HA!

  • Peter Adams

    The UN is a condom on the penis of progress!

    • chuck_in_st_paul

      more like a festering hemorrhoid

  • carlc2210

    Well that was truly frightening. I can not believe the ignorance of some people.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    how does one convince oneself of such absolute nonsense?? I suppose I should not be shocked considering all the silly posts on the Yahoo! blogs from warmists who adamantly refuse to read science papers that contradict their belief system.

  • centefire

    Yes, she is correct. Globull warming is happening right now because its colder than it should be. So if you get cold soup in your restaurant, you cant complain because it hot because it’s cold.