IMG_1295With barely any time to recover from jet lag, CFACT’s “climate truth squad” arrived in Warsaw over the weekend and immediately went into action. First up was a conference hosted by Fundacj im Bolestawa Chrobrego, a Polish think tank that assembled a powerful coalition of experts drawn from the fields of science, labor, government, and public policy to talk about the dangers of a new international climate treaty on global prosperity and freedom.

Despite being co-sponsored by Solidarity, the Left-leaning Polish union and political party which fought so courageously for independence from Soviet domination during the Cold War, the conference attracted attention from the radical Left.  These global warming extremists pelted the building with red dye making the building appear as if it was dripping with blood.  The Polish attendees took this in stride as they’ve seen this kind of thing before, so no one seemed particularly alarmed or distracted – just amused. Clearly this was another sign of the growing desperation on the warming left as their cause continues to lose credibility with the public each day.

The conference, which took place at the Centrum Prasowe Foksal right in the heart of Warsaw, drew a large crowd of grassroots leaders and interested citizens who came from far and wide to hear a point of view that many of them share, but don’t often hear from the media or their elected leaders. CFACT, which co-sponsored the event along with the Institute for Globalization, Solidarity, and Polityka Narodowa (among others), made the keynote address – a particularly honor for a U.S. NGO to receive on the eve of Poland’s National Independence Day.

CFACT president David Rothbard took dead aim at the shoddy science the UN has relied on to support its claims of impending climate catastrophe. He pointed out that severe weather events such as floods, droughts and rising sea levels have been greatly exaggerated, and that virtually all climate models failed to account for the flat line in world temperatures over the last 17 years. Rothbard finished his remarks by leveling strong criticism at the proposed UN treaty for the crushing economic impacts it will impose on working people and the poor.

Craig speaks at Polish climate conferenceRothbard was immediately followed by executive director Craig Rucker who discussed the state of climate policy in the United States and the why it is in Poland’s national interest to join with those around the globe standing up to the Greens and the UN. Both talks received enthusiastic applause and extensive media coverage. Over a dozen news outlets, including Polish National Television, France 24, India national newspaper The Hindu, and the Associated Press, were on hand to report.

David Rothbard Signs Warsaw Declaration.

David Rothbard Signs Warsaw Declaration.

The conference included representatives and spokesmen from the U.S., Italy, Sweden, Hungary, and Poland. They, along with a member of the EU Parliament, joined in lending strong criticism of climate change alarmism and the troubling globalist policies of the UN. At the conclusion of the gathering, they formally signed a declaration entitled “Address of Free Nations to Participants of UN Climate Summit (COP 19) – Let Us Revise Global Climate Policy” – or the Warsaw Declaration. The declaration noted that “media manipulation” and “an international bureaucracy of organizations representing extreme views on environmental protection” have promoted an ideology supporting global warming, and that their agenda has had destructive consequences on “competitive economies” of the world. It then called on delegates attending the UN COP19 conference to discontinue work on a new treaty until a genuine “scientific consensus is reached on the phenomenon of so-called global warming.”

CFACT will be posting extensive coverage of the COP 19 gathering in Warsaw as news breaks.  Be sure to check in for complete coverage at our Mission Warsaw information center.