2013 was a big year for ice with global sea ice hitting or nearing record highs.

A dramatic example caught the attention of the world Christmas morning, when a vessel hired by a group of global warming scientists radioed for help after becoming trapped in ice off Antarctica.  The Russian m/v Akademik Shokalskiy has 74 researchers and crew aboard.  They managed to celebrate Christmas despite their frozen predicament.

The Chinese ice breaker Snow Dragon steamed to the rescue and was last reported six nautical miles away, but has now found itself blocked by the ice.  Its captain said, “the current ice conditions is eChris Turney climate scientist trapped in antarctic icexceeding our capability to break through further.”

Chris Turney, who is a professor of climate change at the University of New South Wales, is the leader of the  expedition.  He posted a video to YouTube optimistically predicting that Snow Dragon would reach his position within a few hours, but the ice breaker was forced to turn back.

Other vessels are headed to the scene and  Snow Dragon is waiting and hoping that high winds will push aside some of the ten foot thick ice enabling it to reach the trapped researchers.

The waters around Antarctica experienced remarkable sea ice expansion in 2013 confounding the global warming ice narrative.

Global warming campaigners have been stymied by the lack of any temperature increase in the major temperature data sets since the nineties.  They’ve tried to compensate by feeding the media a steady stream of “extreme weather” stories and with shrill claims about polar ice.  However, historical and scientific data show today’s weather to be normal.  2013 was in fact particularly tame by many standards with no hurricanes making landfall in the U.S. and data on droughts, fires, heat wave, floods, etc. all coming in at or below average.

Al Gore COP 15 iceThe global warming campaign seized on northern sea ice in an attempt to find some evidence to show warming.  Northern ice has had a few sparse years recently.  Al Gore told COP 15, the UN climate conference in Copenhagen, that the North Pole could be “completely ice free” within five to seven years.  However, 2013 did not cooperate with that narrative either, as northern ice expanded over 50 percent above 2012 levels.  Yachts and research vessels attempting to make news by transiting the Northwest Passage became trapped in the ice and their attempts had to be abandoned.  See, Gullible green sailors trapped in the Arctic.  Likewise, alarmist claims about polar bears have run afoul of the facts as polar bear populations continue to expand and thrive.

Climate scientists and pressure groups have enjoyed remarkable success at seeing their press statements about polar bears and polar ice reproduced by a compliant media without balance or question.  The information age, however, has granted the public direct access to the unvarnished facts in unprecedented ways.  Web services, such as CFACT’s Climate Depot and social media, publish the data the media ignores.  Global warming hype can’t hold up under the scrutiny.

When the warming crowd attributes fluctuations in northern ice to human activity without basis, and then turns around and blames southern ice expansion on nature, the unbiased observer can’t help but but wonder whether nature is driving both.

Temperature records compiled by NASA, NOAA and the UK Met Office all show no global warming since the nineties, some cooling and very little warming before that.  Climate computer models call for substantial warming which has not occurred.  Is the unbiased observer truly to conclude that while nature rules the south, summer northern sea ice will be no more because 2008, for example, was 0.4 degrees above average?  This is a classic case of a divorce between correlation and causation, and correlation is no longer looking very good.

Hysterical claims about polar ice are a propaganda talking point aimed to keep the global warming narrative flowing, absent any… well, global warming.  The public continues to catch on.  How long will the legacy media keep reprinting baseless warming claims, without critical examination, when they defy actual data?  Will embarrassing images of yachts and research vessels trapped in ice, which failed to diminish as predicted, help snap the media out of it?


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