The facts are in. Enough is enough.

A strident campaign of fear and disinformation has blocked the Keystone XL pipeline for years.

Energy means jobs. Energy means prosperity. Energy fuels the American economy.

The United States needs this vital artery of safe, efficient, affordable and clean North American energy.

The State Department is accepting public comment RIGHT NOW on this critical issue, so please make your voice heard today by signing the CFACT petition immediately.

This crucial, common sense project has been stymied over and over again.

Radical eco-zealots have chosen Keystone XL as the place to make their stand. They claim this project is unsafe for the environment and the people it would pass near, and that it will greatly contribute to alleged “global warming.”

These claims are nonsense.

From whom would most Americans rather get their energy? Socialist strongmen in Venezuela, a hostile and unstable Middle East – or Canada, as fine a neighbor as any country can hope for?

The answer is obvious. And that choice has now landed on President Obama’s desk.

That’s why I’m hoping you will add your name to our petition today.

Everyone knows that Canada will continue to develop its oil sands no matter what.

The real question is, will Canada use trains to transport a fraction of this crucial resource to the U.S. and then load the rest on tankers to export to China? Or will Keystone XL safely speed Canada’s oil to American workers to refine?

Scientists, engineers, rational environmentalists and even President Obama’s own State Department have all weighed in and given the Keystone XL pipeline a clean bill of health. Leaders of both major parties and much of the mainstream media acknowledge this reality.

Yet the most extreme elements of the Green movement won’t listen. They think President Obama is their man and demand the Department of State slam the door shut on Keystone XL.

Obama is nervous. He knows the truth – that many of his usual allies aren’t with him this time.

Yet he also knows that if his administration heeds this wide bi-partisan chorus and approves the pipeline, it could be Waterloo for the radical Greens.

Earlier this month, notice was published in the Federal Register that the Department of State is accepting public comment on Keystone XL. The deadline is March 6th.

The time to speak up is right now. The Department of State needs to hear from all of us. We need to deliver them a truckload of solid facts and support they cannot ignore. Will you take action and help CFACT set the record straight?

Our petition has a number of solid facts. After you review them, we hope you will authorize CFACT to transmit these facts to President Obama and the Department of State, adding your name in testimony of support.

Democracy only works when good people honor the responsibilities of citizenship with their participation.

Will you stand up now and secure this supply of safe, clean, affordable and dependable energy to power the U.S. economy for generations to come?

This is an historic moment. We’re counting on you.


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