Morano (humbly) promotes CFACT’s new film Climate Hustle on TV

Morano on TV humbly promotes new climate film: ‘We are going to have the greatest climate documentary of al-l-l-l-l- ti-i-i-ime! — ‘We are putting together the most comprehensive, unique, entertaining and humorous climate documentary that has ever been attempted!’



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  1. dmttbt

    This is good because Al Gore and friends have been touting global warming for years. As far as I know he has had no formal training as a meteorologist. However his head is so far up his –ss he may be picking up a rumbling that we have not heard. No that is just Michael Moore heading his way.

  2. Karl Landgren

    This ought to be great! The “sky is falling” bunch have been exposed the hoax debunked. Maybe now more people will recognize the shameless shamsters for what they are: agenda driven liars who want to spread ignorance, fear and poverty.

  3. Wambli525

    I hope they make total fools out of the climate change mongers. The climate change issue is nothing more than a government created crisis in which the government gets to exercise greater control over citizens … Neve ever trust the government

  4. allosaur

    Climate hustle scoffers have more fun than Gore boors. This Alabama dino had a cooler than average late summer and just received a surprisingly low August power bill despite the coal plants King Barry recently closed.

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