President Barack Obama will star in next week’s United Nations Climate Summit in New York City, and is expected to push his “climate accord in lieu of treaty” strategy to bypass the necessary two-thirds Senate ratification vote, seeking a “politically binding” deal that would “name and shame” recalcitrant countries into emissions control commitments. But Obama’s speech may not be the most influential performance on the New York stage.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon invited heads of state to the Summit nine months ago, beginning the scramble to persuade world leaders to show up for his all-ceremony, no-negotiations pep rally, which was rejected by the heads of state of China, India, Germany, Australia, and Canada – and gave plenty of notice for left-leaning Non-Governmental Organizations to steal the show.

While Ban desperately hoped his Summit would “put climate change back on top of the international agenda,” to kickstart stagnated treaty talks and stifle yawns from the world public, veteran anti-fossil fuel campaigner Bill McKibben ramped up his network for a 2014 replay of his 2009 blitz of 5,200 simultaneous climate demonstrations in 181 countries trying to support the failed Copenhagen climate talks.

While Ban looked in dismay as world polls relegated global warming fears to dead last (including one which showed that half of Britiain’s members of parliament reject man-made climate change as a fact), was recruiting 1,207 allied groups with its $3.6 million revenue – 25 of them local chapters – to launch the progressive Left’s dream, a “grassroots global revolt as the key answer to the climate crisis.”

While Ban asked heads of state for “bold announcements and actions to reduce emissions, strengthen climate resilience, and mobilize political will to build momentum for a meaningful universal climate agreement” at the crucial 2015 Paris climate talks, commissioned filmmakers to produce a new documentary film called Disruption, a melodramatic call for “social justice” in the form of “a mass social movement to disrupt the status quo and business-as-usual approach which is inhibiting the bold actions necessary to protect the planet’s future.”

Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben

Two days before Obama’s Summit speech, “Climate Week NYC” will launch’s “bold actions” with the Climate People’s March & Mobilization. McKibben hopes to bus in over 100,000 protesters from the U.S. and Canada to bolster thousands of New Yorkers, all demanding that governments do a “fast” changeover to a no-carbon economy. So far, McKibben mobilizations are also set for London, Berlin, Paris, Delhi, Rio and Melbourne.

McKibben’s mobilization has its own handbook, written by board member Naomi Klein and titled, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate. The newly published book concentrates on the evils of corporations, Big Green groups colluding with industry, the infallibility of climate science, and more evils of corporations.

However, the real core of’s mobilization is more bluntly stated in a cover article Klein wrote for the November 2011 issue of The Nation (the self-described “flagship of the left).” Klein reported on one of the conservative Heartland Institute’s International Conferences on Climate Change with its hundreds of climate skeptics who saw political agendas behind climate alarmism, and she did something remarkable: she admitted that the left really is using global warming as a tool in its campaign against capitalism, and urged leftists to stop denying and trying to hide the fact.

Klein wrote, “It is true that responding to the climate threat requires strong government action at all levels. But real climate solutions are ones that steer these interventions to systematically disperse and devolve power and control to the community level, whether through community-controlled renewable energy, local organic agriculture or transit systems genuinely accountable to their users. Arriving at these new systems is going to require shredding the free-market ideology. So when the Heartlanders react to evidence of human-induced climate change as if capitalism itself were coming under threat, it’s not because they are paranoid. It’s because they are paying attention.”

Her shredding machine is adapted from standard Leftist Utopia dogma: government will pay for everything

Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein

with seized corporate profits, it will dismantle the fossil fuel infrastructure, mandate public transit instead of cars, allow only no-carbon energy sources, pretend to feed 318 million Americans from community organic farms, create make-work jobs for the disemployed, regulate personal incomes with caps and subsidies, and so on. Read The Nation article and see for yourself.

Heartland’s President, Joseph Bast, said, “Naomi Klein is willing to say publicly what everyone in the climate change debate knows, that the left is only interested in the topic because it can be used to justify its anti-capitalist agenda. The only science they care about is political science, not climate science. Klein is no farther to the left than President Obama, just a lot more honest when discussing climate change.”

The words may be different, but it’s a good bet that President Obama will be reading from Naomi Klein’s Capitalism vs. the Climate mobilization handbook at Climate Summit 2014.



  • Ron Arnold

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