A little less than one week from now, President Obama will be the star of the show at a major UN summit for Heads of State to advance the radical global warming agenda.

Will you help CFACT be there in New York City to confront Obama and the climate alarmists?

You might have already noticed the way the global warming fear campaign has ramped up in recent weeks.

It’s not your imagination. The hype has been carefully planned and timed.

It was hatched earlier this year when UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon announced he was bringing together world leaders to push toward a new and far-reaching agreement on “climate change.”

That meeting will take place on September 23rd, and will draw presidents, prime ministers, and other heads of state to New York to put on a grand show of climate doomsday predictions, and advance plans for how to control the world’s energy use.

President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are desperate to divert attention from their administration’s sagging poll numbers and numerous policy failures. They’ve chosen “climate change” as the place to claim a legacy the media won’t challenge.

They will be supported by a myriad of activist groups marching on NYC in a so-called “People’s March.”

Will you help CFACT confront this festival of fear and challenge the extreme claims of the warmists in NYC by making your most generous on-line, tax-deductible contribution today?

The hard warming-Left sees the NY climate confab as their big moment.

They’ve decreed an entire week of action surrounding the summit led by top Green zealots like Bill McKibben and a host of groups on the Left, far Left, and off-their-rocker Left – ranging from Earth Justice and Greenpeace to Moveon.org and the Socialist Party USA.

They know the facts are against them. They just announced that they will use this New York summit to roll out a series of fake news broadcasts “from the future,” reporting all kinds of warming-related mayhem and disaster … in 2050! Amazing.

Why the fake news? Because the real facts, from the real world here and now, don’t fit their narrative.

Sea level? Stable. Wildfires? Down. Severe weather? Normal. Hurricanes? Down. Polar bears? Thriving. Computer models? Wrong. UN climate policy? Wasteful.

So much more!

With your help, we’ll make sure these facts get out there.Obama UN speech

That’s right, with your help CFACT will send a crack-team of experts who will be right there in New York speaking the facts others won’t.

That will include CFACT’s very own veteran journalist, Marc Morano, who runs our award-winning ClimateDepot.com news and information service.  Marc has been named “Climate Misinformer of the Year” by the Soros-backed “Media Matters.”

We will be doing “man on the street” interviews exposing the ignorance of the marchers.  Funding permitted, we might even pull off a few attention-grabbing surprises to ensure folks are informed of the truth.

And we will be getting out the truth to America and the rest of the world about the bogus science and radical proposals being put forth by Obama and the UN leaders.

Can we count on you to help CFACT refute this junk science summit? Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more will empower CFACT’s team of experts to expose the false agendas behind the warming scare, and present the incontrovertible facts that will leave the warming-Left stuttering.

CFACT has years of experience in this. (We’ve been a fly in the ointment at UN summits for more than 20 years!)

We are, without a doubt, the preeminent organization fully engaged in the bizarre world of climate diplomacy; never hesitating to inject a healthy dose of sense into the proceedings time and time again.

When President Obama stands before the UN and pompously proclaims “the climate is warming faster than anyone anticipated five or ten years ago,” we’ll be right there with the scientific facts, figures and references that expose this lie.

We’ve got the scientific goods and we know how to deploy them. With you beside us, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

The entire climate alarmist movement will focus everything it’s got on New York City for one week in September. The threat is genuine. The need is obvious. A full-throated response from CFACT is demanded. But our success depends on you.

Our friends like you have never let us down, and as President of CFACT, I strongly affirm that we’ll not let you down either!

Stand with CFACT, whether for the first time, or loyally once again.

We can challenge and stop them. With your help … we will!


David Rothbard
Co-Founder and President