The UN is working feverishly to lock the world into a climate pact in Paris in a few weeks.

CFACT will be there to inject the hard facts about global warming into the proceedings.

America did not join the previous Kyoto Protocol, but President Obama badly wants to sign this one.

The Obama Administration is not waiting for Paris.

EPA is already throttling down the American economy, constricting the energy supply and raising electricity prices. Although EPA’s “Clean Power Plan” (CPP) will have no meaningful impact on world temperature.

Economist Bjorn Lomborg released a study today in which he uses the UN’s own climate models to determine that the CPP would only forestall .013° C of warming by 2100 under the UN’s most extreme assumptions.  So far the models’ extreme assumptions have never come close to actual measured temperatures.  Lomborg determines the impact of the CPP to be .004° C as world temperature has actually played out.  As we learn more about the role of nature vs. man in setting the world’s thermostat the impact of EPA’s plan may well turn out to be zero.

If you add in the President’s full emissions reduction pledge for the UN climate pact, Lomborg determines the total impact to world temperature to be only .008°-.011° C by 2100.

There is no doubt that the Obama Administration’s climate plans are “all pain, no gain” as CFACT has reported all along.  Even under the UN’s own climate models!

Marita Noon has an extensive analysis of EPA’s Clean Power Plan in light of the UN climate pact at

Assuming the increasingly dubious position that the UN’s climate models have some validity, should we truly hamstring America’s prosperity and competitive position to make a meaningless one hundredth degree reduction in world temperature?