(Essen, Germany) As COP 21 went into extra innings in Le Bourget, France, scientists assembled from around the world in Essen, Germany to present the hard facts that reveal just how wrong the UN is about global warming.

The two day conference took EIKE dinner speechplace at Haus der Technik in Essen.  It was put on by EIKE, the European Institute for Climate and Energy and cosponsored by CFACT and the Heartland Institute.

EIKE was founded in 2007.  It’s first conference took place in Hannover.  Dr. Fred Singer, father of America’s temperature satellite service, was the first speaker.  CFACT is proud to be a co-founder of EIKE.

EIKE President Holger Thuss opened the cHolger EIKE Essenonference with EIKE’s two mottoes:  “Climate is not threatened, freedom is;” and “Environment yes, climate no.”

Later EIKE General Secretary Wolfgang Mueller said, “on climate, they don’t want us to be fooled by reality.”
A few points:
Climate simulation models are very different from reality, they run cooler.
NASA data has been adjusted to be warmer.
85% of temperature trends were adjusted to be warmer and only 15% cooler.
There are no robust trends in extreme weather.

High water levels marked on this building over the years

High water levels marked on this building over the years

If you use fear as a tool you are not a scientist.
— Dipl. Meteorologe Klaus-Eckart Puls
Solar variation is an important factor affecting the climate.
Ignoring solar impacts and focusing solely on greenhouse gases is a scientific mistake.

 — Dr. Willie Soon and Dr. Henrik Svensmark

A career in climate modeling is embarrassing.  They don’t know what they are doing.

  Climate models have not improved.  Humility is called for.

— Dr. Willie Soon

The composition of ocean water can be a “buffer” against ocean acidification.

— Prof. Dr. Tom Segalstad

EIKE plans to release video of the presentations which will provide a substantial scientific rebuttal to the UN IPCC. The slides and evidence are substantial and daunting.  One thing is clear, climate science is anything but settled.

EIKE presentation



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